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Office Interior Design.

Following the article on an AutoCAD alternative for home design, we have had a lot of requests (ok only one, from Doris in Mayfair) for similar tutorials.

MS Paint can also be a useful tool to help plan the layout of your dream office. Here with careful measurements and taking in the scale of furniture we can see exactly how it all fits together. The customer found a mouse hole in his office, so we included a fat cat and a plotted route for the mice to the storage cabinet that holds the vintage cheese & biscuit selection.

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Who Needs AutoCAD?

Home builders work from plans that are usually designed in CAD products like AutoCAD, but if you really want to build your own home you can create your own plans by using MS Paint.

I was asked to produce a plan of a house based upon a photo of it. I carefully drew the outlines in a green colour on a black background, so it looks like a plan. To make the customer visualise themselves actually living there, I sketched him in, in his favourite hat with his cat.

Note: He ended up not making use of the plans. I think it is because I made made his cat look a bit too overweight from all the cake it was munching.

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